In Nanterre, the new Groues district is taking shape

The mayor of Nanterre, Patrick Jarry, made the trip. A way of showing the importance for the municipal team, of the progress of this district, “the eleventh of the city”as he recalled, on February 1, during the first year of the operation carried out by two modest-sized promoters, who are co-developing a flagship project for Les Groues, and therefore for Nanterre too.

A program “ambitious”, recalled Christophe Bouthors and Gérault de Sèze, presidents of Telamon and Bricqueville, both from the point of view of its diversity and the environmental dimension. A program “of significant size for us, which do not release three or four operations like this a year like the majors”, they said. A program of three buildings including a tower and a higher education establishment, and which thus combines housing, offices, establishment open to the public and public spaces.

The functional mix of the Groues district, “even La Défense is inspired by it”

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