In Nantes, a viaduct soars above the motorway

It is a project worth nearly 48 million euros carried out as part of the 2018 motorway investment plan. Nantes, Vinci Autoroutes is redeveloping Porte de Gesvres, where the A11 motorway meets the ring road. At this location, where 87,000 vehicles circulate per day, the metropolitan ring road changes to a single lane in each direction on the connecting lanes of the interchange, regularly causing major traffic jams. It is therefore in particular to improve traffic flow and improve safety that these development works are being carried out.

As part of this project, co-financed by Vinci Autoroutes (35.8 million euros), Nantes Métropole (4.1 million), the Loire-Atlantique department (4 million) and the Pays-de-la-Loire region (4 million), several types of work have been carried out or are planned, mobilizing many public works trades: demolition and reconstruction of a bridge, installation of a greenway, development of new ramps, creation of a retention basin, extension of another, installation of an acoustic screen, or even creation of two new works of art.

One of them, the western viaduct, will link the A11 motorway to the eastern ring road. A work considered extraordinary, soaring above the tracks of the A11, whose framework is installed in several stages. A first launch took place in November 2022. The second, which spans the tracks, took place at the end of January 2023.

Discover in pictures this technical and delicate operation, in the rest of the article.

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