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In Changé, near Laval, System B designs and distributes equipment intended for butchers-delicatessens, so that they can produce skewers and sausages in large numbers. Created in 2015, the company generated a turnover of 6.5 million euros in 2022 with 18 employees, an annual growth of 30% (5 million euros in 2021). Having built new premises of 550 m2 in September 2021, the SME is already too cramped and began work on an 860 m extension in early January2 10 meters high intended for the storage of pallets of spices and condiments, for one of its new activities. The investment amounts to 2.5 million euros.

Family threesome

At the origin of the company, a family trio with complementary skills. Jérémy Beucher worked in mechanical R&D, his cousin Charly came out of a business school and the father of the latter, Bertrand, made his career in the butchery and the food industry. This had targeted a particular need: the difficulty for delicatessens to produce sausages in quantity quickly. “Either the sausages were made by hand or by industrial tools, but there was nothing in between,” explains Jérémy Beucher. The three associates invented a machine: the Wheelinker. Years of development in a garage, culminating in a prototype in 2015 and its commercialization in 2016.

The device is simple, mechanical, made to last. Entrepreneurs adopt a specific business model: they lend the machine. In exchange, the customer undertakes to buy exclusively from them the natural casings used for the sausages. This offer works. The company has since sold over a thousand Wheelinkers. Two-thirds are on loan. A third was ultimately acquired by customers, including the main retail chains (Auchan, Carrefour, Cora, etc.).

Continuing its vein, System B launches a device that facilitates the production of skewers, in March 2020. Follows in 2021 a semi-automatic version. “The Covid has helped us, people have not stopped consuming. We have sold 100 machines in the first year. We are at 600 today”, describes the leader.

My Broch' skewers, manual and semi-automatic.  In the background, the Wheelinker sausage machine.
My Broch’ skewers, manual and semi-automatic. In the background, the Wheelinker sausage machine. – Photo: Rémi Hagel

After assembling the first 150 machines alone (whose parts were subcontracted), Jérémy Beucher handed over the reins from 2018 thanks to a partnership with the neighboring company Grandpré Usinage (9 employees). It now manufactures 100% of the machines.

Spices, a winning recipe

At the end of 2020, System B is diversifying by offering spices and marinades for skewers. This activity takes off quickly to represent a third of the turnover. “The target remains our current customers.” The end of 2022 sees the release of three innovations. Clic is a kit for making individual kebabs to roast. “We are the only ones to offer this”. Surfing on the return of the homemade, the SME engages with Ipli, to make cordons-bleus. It has just added an offer: jars of marinades sold by butchers for their end consumer customers, a new target.

E-commerce and international

Since October 2022, the company has put its e-commerce site online, both to facilitate orders for its professional customers (B to B), but also to reach the general public (B to C), with its limited means. “Eight people make up our sales team. In front of us, we have mastodons”, sees Jérémy Beucher. This does not deprive these entrepreneurs of ambitions. For example that of developing internationally. In 2019, System B found a distributor in Belgium, then one in Canada in 2021 and recently in Spain. Negotiations are underway for Italy. Incoming requests made it possible to supply customers in Greece, South Korea, and as far away as Australia. “The market share is still small, but export represents for us a strategy for the future years”.

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