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In May, AFT Industry will have an additional 1,800 m² of workshops. The manufacturer, which designs and manufactures “skids”, equipped mobile metal structures on which steel, stainless steel or plastic pipes are fixed, has been growing steadily since its creation ten years ago. Its turnover stood at 5.5 million euros in 2021 and 6.1 million euros in 2022. The SME with around twenty employees, based in the Aspach- Michelbach, near Thann (Haut-Rhin), is aiming for 10 million euros in turnover in the short term.

Separate lines

Faced with demand, AFT had to rent 8,000 m² of workshops in 2022 to complete the 2,000 m² of workshops at its head office. The new building, already out of the ground, required an investment of one million euros (500,000 euros will be needed for the equipment). It will make it possible to enlarge the offices and almost double the production area. The machine assembly space will increase from 1,000 m² to approximately 1,800 m².

To properly separate the lines, a 600 m² room dedicated to steel processing and a 400 m² space for plastic pipes have also been created, which will house specific tools. AFT Industry intends to acquire a laser-tube for cutting, worth around 250,000 euros. Management plans to hire six to eight people in 2023.

Favorable situation

The manufacture of skids represents 85% of the company’s activity, the industrial piping on site makes up the rest. Skids equipped with pipes range from the size of a suitcase to behemoths of 60 meters long and 190 tons. They make it possible to count, measure, filter, recover heat, etc. and offer customers the advantage of a tailor-made and turnkey solution, without work on site. “The main outlets are in the agri-food (more than 50% of the markets), pharmaceuticals and energy sectors. On-site piping operations are carried out primarily locally, and very specifically in the field of microelectronics in the Grenoble region”, explains Anthony Martinez, sales manager. The company exports 60% of its production to all continents and remains discreet about its customers.

In addition to the increase in demand from its main customers, there is a favorable economic situation, “in a niche market”, notes Anthony Martinez. The desire to build national sovereignty and European sovereignty following the Covid crisis and shortages of micro-components has boosted the pharmaceutical and microelectronics sectors. Environmental concerns related to energy saving are supporting the heat recovery market.

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