Intersyndical will be on strike on January 24 and 25

The inter-union called for a strike of health workers on January 24 and 25, mobilization which will overlap for one day the strike called by Metges de Catalunya (MC) for the 25th and 26th. of the same month.

Intersyndical is a minority union within the health sector in Catalonia and among its members the following stand out above all nurses there auxiliary nurses.

In any case, this new call for January 24 and 25 adds more labor disputes in the calendar of mobilizations of health workers during the first month of the year, already marked by the strike of January 25 and 26 promoted by the majority union of doctors, Metges de Catalunya.

Coinciding with January 25 and 26, the Mesa Sindical de Sanitat de Catalunya, made up of minority unions, also called a strike. CATAC-CTS-IAC, CGT Alt Camp i Conca de Barberà, SAE, FTC-IAC, USOC, FAPIC, Coordinadora Obrera Sindical (COS) and Infermeres de Catalunya.

During a press conference, the coordinator of Intersindical Sanitat, Nestor Sastre, justified the new mobilization of this Monday because, if the Generalitat does not make improvements, “the health system will explode in the short term and it will suffer”. society as a whole, he warned.

The trade unionist explained that they called this strike slightly out of schedule with respect to that of Metges de Catalunya in order to give visibility to other health sector groups other than doctors.

Among the demands of the Intersyndical, we can cite the following. more staff, equalization of expenditure per inhabitant with that of other European countries, recovery of purchasing power of workers before the cuts, promote voluntary and incentive retirement at age 60, recognize category A1 for nurses (as is already the case for doctors) and a 35-hour working day.

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