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Sold in 2019 to the Iliad group, the Marseille-based company Jaguar Networkcreated in 2001 by Kevin Polizzi, changed its name at the end of 2022. It thus abandoned its feline baptismal name to become Free Pro, clearly asserting itself as the B to B subsidiary of the Iliad group, offering offers for small businesses. “Jaguar Network had launched the Free Pro offer at the end of March 2021, a box integrating mobile telephony for the SME / SMI and VSE market”, recalls Denis Planat, who today manages the company installed since the beginning of 2023 in new premises of 7,300 m², within the SmartSea building, developed by Eiffage Immobilier in the heart of Smartseille. “When we launched this offer, we wanted to bring together the skills of Jaguar Network, a specialist in high connectivity solutions, with those of Free, which relies on simple offers, targeting all small and very small businesses”. The company has thus recruited nearly 200 employees, two-thirds of them in the Paca region. It now has 350 people in Marseille and 500 other employees in the rest of France. “In 18 months, we have been able to convince 30,000 companies to join our offer and, between 2020 and 2022, we have doubled the company’s turnover, not only increasing thanks to our new offer, but also through the historical activity of Jaguar Network”, continues the manager, who adds: “To continue development on a national level, it is essential to be identified by everyone and everywhere. Jaguar Network was a strong brand, but essentially known in the South Region, while Free refers to the whole of the national territory”. Thus, the choice was made to transform Jaguar Network into Free Pro.

300 million euros within five years

Currently, 80% of the company’s turnover comes from large accounts, the company’s historical customers, and 20% from SMEs and VSEs. “Major accounts are also very sensitive to Free Pro. On the one hand, it makes it safe to know the industrial project of its service provider and, just like small businesses, large groups are also sensitive to the simplicity of the offer and attractive prices”.

The company, which wishes to support the digital transformation of companies, has three data centers (one in Marseille and two in Lyon) for Jaguar Network and a dozen other sites in France for the Iliad group. “From now on, our offer offers everything. We have created a real network of professional infrastructures at the service of a company which remains based on its territory of origin, in Marseille”, explains the manager, who plans to reach in five years the 300 million euros in turnover (against 100 million euros in 2021, Ed). “Mobile telephony is now considered a work tool, but there are still many uses that are being created. With the arrival of 5G, everything should speed up even more. There is an alignment of the planets and we we are ready, with technology, a coherent pricing program and a recognized brand”, concludes Denis Planat.

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