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Get started in the ecolution! Wilo is known as a pioneer in high-efficiency pump technology in the most diverse fields of application.

Thanks to its high-efficiency motor technology and multiple control possibilities, our products save up to 80% electricity, in the most varied fields of application, compared to old fixed-speed pumps. . Bet on energy efficiency and innovation: replace your obsolete pumps, get started in “ecolution” with us!

You installers, Let your customers benefit from Wilo high-efficiency technology and our innovative and reliable products!
By replacing pumps in a targeted manner, you would save them several thousand euros per year. Although operational safety and reliability are our priorities, current trends lead you to take an increasing interest in the price of electricity and the possibility of realizing additional savings.

Whether in HVAC or water supply, Wilo pumps and pump systems save you more than 70% kWh compared to traditional fixed-speed pumps, depending on the area of ​​application .
For this reason, bet on energy efficiency and innovation: let us advise you on the evaluation of your pump fleet and get started in “ecolution” with us !

A small investment = a big impact for the wallet.

Did you know ?

By opting for our Wilo-Stratos PICO high-efficiency circulator, you enable your customers to save up to 80% on electricity compared to a fixed-speed pump.

Wilo equips the new “Espace Mayenne” sports and cultural complex | Willo

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