KOOI temporary construction site video surveillance

The annual damage caused by theft is estimated at more than 1 billion euros, according to the Fédération Française du Bâtiment*. This is why we have developed a service and mobile camera systems adapted to the constraints of public works.

Construction sites related to Public Works (TP) are prime targets for thieves. The lack of effective security favors the theft of fuel, cables and tools. Interruption of construction, difficulties of compensation with insurance, late penalties are all brakes on your activity. Founded to meet your safety and security needs, KOOI combines the best of technology and people in temporary and mobile camera solutions that adapt to the evolution and constraints of your site in a turnkey solution.

This allows you to stay focused on your missions and the progress of your project.

Our KOOI CCTV Center

Exclusively dedicated to our solutions, our Video Surveillance Center secures your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We develop with you an intervention protocol respecting your field constraints as well as your needs.
Our teleoperators have specific training in the fields of security and video surveillance. As soon as an intrusion is detected, support, on average in less than 10 seconds, is provided and an analysis is carried out. If necessary, we contact the security service on site or the intervention forces to ensure that your activities continue undisturbed.

The UFO or Observation Unit

The UFO is a temporary, mobile, and autonomous video-detection system, to prevent any risk of theft or intrusion on your site. You have a real remote security guard.

Each of our Observation Units is exclusively linked to our Alarm Center based in Lanester (56). They are equipped with high-resolution cameras for clear images, loudspeakers to allow voice message calls, sirens to deter intruders and infrared light for effective night detection. Our 247Kooi application will also allow you to be an actor in your security by giving you access to the control of working time on site as well as the management of activity reports (alarms, intrusions, images, etc.)

Are you sufficiently protected?

You don’t know if your site is properly secured or you want to increase the hourly amplitude of surveillance of your site at a lower cost with a fixed price solution? We offer you a free expertise of your construction site. In this way, we identify the measures to be taken in order to guarantee the most effective protection possible on your site.

The advantages of KOOI video surveillance for public works

– Mobile solution, delivered quickly and easy to install
– 24/7 detection
– Our systems are mobile and temporary, adapts to the configuration of your site
– Analysis and direct monitoring from our KOOI France Alarm Center based in Lanester (56)
– Immediate reaction with broadcast of a voice message and siren in the event of an undesirable event.
– You receive an alarm processing report by email or via the 247kooi application.
– Confidentiality of the content filmed by our cameras.
– All-inclusive fixed price (video surveillance service, surveillance tower, report, app, etc.)

* Source Ludovic MARIN / AFP

Stay focused on your missions thanks to our CCTV towers. Call us at or via our web form.

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