Lactalis posts a turnover of 28.3 billion euros, up – Le Journal des Entreprises – Maine-et-Loire

On April 20, Lactalis unveiled its latest results. Its 2022 turnover amounts to 28.3 billion euros, an annual growth of 28.4%. “Thanks to its 2022 performance, Lactalis becomes the 10e global agri-food group”, rejoices the Mayenne group in its press release. It passes in front of Danone (27.66 billion euros). The industrialist recalls that it “has supported its producer partners by guaranteeing a purchase price for milk high, well above its competitive environment, thus allowing producers to absorb more than their inflationary costs. However, despite major efforts to improve competitiveness and faced with the difficulty of passing on an increase of more than 20% in its expenses, the group’s margins have been significantly eroded”. Current income stands at 1.305 billion euros and consolidated net income is 384 million euros, or 1.36% of revenue, down 14% compared to 2021. It had reached 2.02% of revenue in 2021. Organic growth and the good integration of the major acquisitions of 2021 (Ultima Food, Leerdammer, Kraft Natural Cheese) allow a reduction in the group’s net debt now amounting to 6.455 billion euros, indicates Lactalis.

750 million euros invested

In 2022, the group accelerated investments in its dairies to the tune of 750 million euros, an increase of 17% compared to 2021. It focused on the modernization of its sites and in particular on the reduction of their footprint environment by devoting 200 million euros of investment to it. To act against climate change, nearly 600 actions are and will be carried out on scopes 1 and 2 (direct group emissions) at the international level by 2025. Several initiatives have been undertaken to reduce the emissions of agricultural partners (scope 3) . The company is also leading a circular economy plan whose objectives are, by 2025, to achieve 100% eco-designed packaging solutions, with a minimum of 30% recycled materials.

“The year 2022 was marked by a complex international context and inflation at levels we had not seen for years. Despite this, the consistency and relevance of our profitable and responsible growth strategy allow us to faced with these unprecedented challenges while improving our position, comments Emmanuel Besnier, President of the Lactalis Group. Since the creation of Lactalis in 1933, we have been convinced of the potential of dairy products, the world market of which is growing by 3% per year”.

Lactalis is present in 52 countries with 270 dairies and cheese factories, and 85,500 employees. It promotes milk in all its forms: cheeses, drinking milk, yogurts, butters and creams, dairy ingredients and nutrition.

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