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Traveling to the industrial port zone of Le Havre on Friday 28 April, Roland Lescure, Minister Delegate for Industry, announced the launch of the low-carbon industrial zone of Le Havre. The Le Havre area is indeed the winner of the “Low Carbon Industrial Zones” (ZIBAC) call for projects within the framework of France 2030 (the first two winners of the ZIBAC call for projects are the industrial-port areas of Dunkirk and of Fos-sur-Mer). With this system, the State wants to support the design and deployment of networks that will constitute the “backbone” of tomorrow’s low-carbon industry: reinforced electricity networks, heat networks, hydrogen distribution hubs, carboducts for capture and transport CO2 issued by industry.

A first phase of studies of 15 million euros

In partnership with companies, Haropa and local authorities, the State will financially support the deployment of technologies, infrastructures and networks necessary for the decarbonization of the area for an amount of 7.4 million euros intended for a first phase of studies of 15 million euros which should make it possible to define “the decarbonization trajectory”. This phase will be followed by an engineering studies phase for the deployment which will also be supported by the State. These studies will notably aim to finance the engineering of a complete carbon capture network on the major industrial sites of the Seine Axis, and of a liquefaction terminal allowing these emissions to be transported to geological storage sites. planned in the North Sea in depleted gas fields (depleted natural gas or oil fields that can be converted into underground storage). “The selection of this ecosystem as a low-carbon industrial zone constitutes support and recognition from the State for the dynamism of this exceptional industrial ecosystem, which is a fine symbol of the industrial transition underway in our country”, underlines Roland Lescure.

France 2030 devotes 5.6 billion euros to the decarbonization of companies. Several France 2030 mechanisms are open to accelerate the dynamics launched and achieve the objectives set by the President of the Republic, on November 8, 2022, to halve French industrial emissions over the next decade.

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