Laurent Vandamme launches Ocemi to take over certain activities of SDEM – Le Journal des Entreprises

Laurent Vandamme created the 1er October 2022 the company Ocemi, (for Boilermaking Works and Industrial Maintenance). Ocemi brings together the industrial boilermaking and electrical maintenance activities of the SDEM group, which included the SDEM (acquired by the entrepreneur in 2020) and MGA (bought in March 2022). The machining branch was transferred to Steve Réhel, the former workshop manager, and the activity continues under the name of SDEM.

Ocemi (850,000 euros in turnover in 2022, 12 employees) moved into existing premises, in Quévert, which it bought and which includes 400 m² of workshop and 300 m² of offices. “We were cramped in the 200 m² where we were previously, especially for the boilermaking activity which has developed well”, explains Laurent Vandamme. Ocemi’s business is based 75% on maintenance and 25% on manufacturing.

Key account orientation

“We specialize in projects requiring a lot of autonomy, with a great sense of adaptation and decision-making”, continues the Costarmorican, whose teams work in the workshop or on the client’s site. In this month of December, a team is thus on the arsenal of Toulon (Var), while another carries out work of modification of mast on military boats in Mauritania. “We want to tighten our activity on major accounts,” confides Laurent Vandamme, who has clients in the fields of food processing, quarries, concrete and Defense. In particular, Ocemi carries out upgrades of installations and machines, as well as interventions on industrial machines and electrical cabinets.

“The objective is to reach 1.2 million euros in turnover from 2023. We are equipped for”, aims the business manager. The additional space improved the working comfort of the employees and enabled the arrival, in October, of a new folding machine (investment of 45,000 euros). The 6,000 m² site facilitates the storage of skips and compactors for which Ocemi repairs on behalf of Suez. The company has structured itself with the recruitment of a designer in September 2022 at the SME’s design office, and with that of a scheduling and production manager.

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