Le Fourgon seeks to raise 2 million euros in crowdfunding – Le Journal des Entreprises

The Lille start-up Le Fourgon, which deploys its beverage delivery service in returnable bottles in several French cities, launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Lita.co platform in early April. With success: in 24 hours, the bond investment offer had already reached half of the target set by the start-up, which is targeting s two million euros. Le Fourgon, which boasts 150 employees and 20,000 customers in the ten cities where it is located, should generate 13 million euros in turnover in 2023, and 41 million in 2024. It plans, by a year, to have created 350 additional jobs. The crowdfunding campaign aims to finance this dynamic, and to prepare a future funding round. Le Fourgon has already raised 6 million euros since its creation in 2021.

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