Made in France companies called to come and exhibit at the Élysée in July 2023

The Élysée reopens its doors to French companies. The government is looking for a hundred products (one per department, in theory) to present them in the presidential palace, as part of the “Great Exhibition of Made in France”, organized next July. I’call for applications, open until March 13 inclusive, is aimed at any size of company and any sector of activity, “from craftsmanship to cutting-edge industrial innovation”. Among the selection criteria are those linked, of course, to the origin of the product (measured as a share of the added value achieved in France) and to the quality labels received. But the jury will also examine “the company’s commitment to a social and environmental approach”, relocation and/or export. A preselection will be held at the regional level, led by the prefects, before a “national committee” nominates the winners of this third edition. The previous one, in 2021, had generated 2,325 applications for 126 products finally selected, such as the Nancy Hampalsthe Stephanois Sam Tooling where the Norman Socotex.

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