Magali Daverton appointed lead sub-prefect responsible for supporting the deployment of France 2030 – Le Journal des Entreprises – Maine-et-Loire

In response to the government’s wish to install a departmental network of referent sub-prefects responsible for supporting the deployment of the France 2030 plan and accelerating industrial and logistics establishments in all territories, Magali Dauverton, secretary general of the prefecture of Maine-et-Loire and sub-prefect of the arrondissement of Angers, will be responsible for this mission in the department. The France 2030 investment plan, which provides for €54 billion in investments, aims to support industrial and logistics projects. The network put in place should allow territories and companies, in particular SMEs and ETIs, to take ownership of the dynamics of reindustrialization and innovation, and each company and each elected representative to find a relay in the field. The referent sub-prefects will lead, among other things, a departmental review of strategic projects in order to mobilize the action of the State on the territory to accelerate the administrative procedures for authorization and anticipate possible problems linked to the establishment of industrial activities. , such as the search for land and the recruitment of new employees.

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