MaPrimeRénov’, “insufficient” to boost global renovation (Abbé Pierre Foundation)

No running water, shower, indoor toilets, kitchen area, means of heating or a very degraded façade… This is the reality of nearly 2.1 million people in France. They are considered to be living in very difficult housing conditions by the Abbé Pierre foundation. In its annual report on poor housing, it shows that 4.1 million people suffer from this situation or do not have their own accommodation. Many experience overcrowding, meaning they are one room short of the occupancy standard. In addition, 330,000 people are homeless, double compared to 2012.

Among the owners, they are 1.1 million to occupy a property in a condominium in difficulty, which works poorly, where there is a glaring lack of maintenance work or which encounters numerous and frequent unpaid bills.

You have 83% left to discover.

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