Medef Alsace launches its executive committee 40 – Le Journal des Entreprises

Founded in November 2022, the 40 Alsace executive committee held its first evening on April 20 at the premises of the Passion Automobiles group in Sausheim (Haut-Rhin). The opportunity to exchange around the transmission of business outside the family framework with the interventions of Franck Favre, president of Arkedia, and Michel Stauffer, president of Embalsace.

The Comex 40 Alsace brings together around fifteen young leaders under 45, mainly from SMEs, under the aegis of the Regional Medef. “The objective is to allow young entrepreneurs to work on issues that are specific to us,” says Sabrine Hannauer, director of Filéa Institut, a sales school based in Schiltigheim (Bas-Rhin) and leader of this body. A position she shares with Olivier Philippot, a lawyer specializing in social law at the Strasbourg bar. “Another of our objectives is to be able to attract new talent and show that the Medef is an active group in which we can do things. We work in agile mode, which is super interesting”, continues the forties.

The body also works on the image conveyed by the leaders and the company in general. “We created a questionnaire that we want to distribute to a wide audience to see what the representations of the company and the business manager are and, somewhere, to question the relationship to work”, underlines Sabrine Hannauer. An initiative that could then go up to the national level of the employers’ organization.

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