Medef Anjou strengthens its actions towards the world of education – Le Journal des Entreprises – Maine-et-Loire

The Medef Anjou has set up, in partnership with the Medef Pays de la Loire, two actions aimed at the world of education, within the framework of an agreement signed between the employers’ organization at the national level and the Ministry of L ‘Education. The first is an invitation to teachers to come and immerse themselves in a company. 14 teachers of economics and social sciences from establishments in Angevin, Mayenne and Sarthe will be welcomed on April 7 at RD Angers, in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, transport manager for the agglomeration. In addition, until the end of May, 15 teachers from 10 establishments will be received in immersion in local companies for 5 consecutive days. As part of this operation called Meeting with the company, they will be welcomed in the companies Lamb GroupAJD Distribution (Carrefour Saint-Serge), Associated Insurers, Brangeon GroupDEPC, ESPL, Forval, Fouqueron, Irigo RD Angers, Mediapilote, PodelihaSoftec and Transports Cousseau.

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