More than 2 billion euros mobilized in Normandy with the support of Bpifrance – Le Journal des Entreprises

With two departments, one in Rouen and the other in Caen, Bpifrance Normandie has supported 3,330 companies with 800 million euros in 2022, making it possible to mobilize 2.1 billion euros in public and private. “In a difficult macroeconomic environment”, the exercise was characterized by “priority support for industry, technological innovation and energy and environmental transition” indicate Émilie Dhelli, regional director in Rouen, and Florent Lepert, his counterpart in Caen. With 398 million euros injected into 276 companies for their development projects (excluding innovation), the medium and long-term financing of Normandy companies increased by 13%. Unsecured Loans, presented as the “flagship products of the bank’s network”, weighed 189 million euros in favor of 191 development projects, including 71 million under Climate Loans for projects aimed at improving the impact environment and energy of companies. Innovation funding has benefited 148 companies for an amount of 69 million euros. For its part, the Export activity jumped 58% to 33 million euros.

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