Moulinot sets up in Gironde – Le Journal des Entreprises

The Ile-de-France company Moulinot (€6 million in turnover, around a hundred employees), specializing in the management of food waste, is arriving in Gironde. Since April, it has taken charge, in co-contracting with the Détritivores cooperative, of around a hundred sites with collective catering. It will open a third bio-waste treatment site (after Stains and Saint-Barthelemy-d’Anjou) within an industrial building in Eysines, which must start “by the end of 2023”, she specifies. Ensuring the collection (from restaurants, households, supermarkets and food manufacturers) and sorting of bio-waste, Moulinot hopes to process a deposit of 30,000 tonnes per year. It transforms waste into “organic soup”, recovered in an agricultural methanization unit in Saint-Laurent-Médoc (Medoc Biogas), at six farmers “themselves shareholders”, to diversify their production of biomethane and replace synthetic fertilizers in crop fertilization. Moulinot plans to create around fifty jobs on site.

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