NCI majority shareholder of the Proferm group – Le Journal des Entreprises

The transmission fund (RD5) of NCI, a multi-regional private equity fund (headquartered in Rouen with €350 million under management), is the new majority shareholder of Proferm (Douvrin / Pas-de-Calais), a company specializing in the production PVC and aluminum doors and windows. This entry into the capital, with the FE2T (IRD Invest) and CE HDF Capital, is carried out alongside Vincent Dejonghe, founder of Proferm, and Étienne Gruyez who takes over the general management of the group. This operation also marks the entry of five executives into the capital of Proferm (210 employees / 40 M€ turnover). The objective of the new shareholders of Proferm is in particular to ensure “the maintenance of the decision-making center of the company in Hauts-de-France, to continue the trajectory of growth and to develop regional employment”.

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