Nîmes airport is renamed to boost its destinations – Le Journal des Entreprises

L’Nimes airport (Gard) opts for the new name of “Nîmes-Grande Provence Méditerranée”. This change of name aims to position the airport platform as the gateway to a territory that extends from Provence to the Gard Camargue, “by promoting these two world-famous brands that are Provence and the Mediterranean”, according to Franck Proust, president of Nîmes Métropole Agglomeration. Nîmes airport, whose traffic fell from 232,000 passengers in 2019 (before Covid) to 71,000 passengers in 2021, before rising to 186,000 passengers in 2022, is aiming for the milestone of 400,000 passengers by 2026. It currently operates 7 lines, including a new destination to Portugal recently opened, and aims to soon open new links to Italy and Spain. It generates 119 million euros in economic spinoffs, a large part of which is linked to its center of activities focused on maintenance and civil protection.

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