Ogic signs a partnership with Hoffmann Green Cement

The low-carbon race is now widespread among promoters, and announcements of partnerships, and sometimes takeovers of specialized companies, follow one another. On April 4, developer Ogic signed a supply contract with Hoffmann Green Cement, “French leader in carbon-free cement without clinker”. This signature is “a pivotal step to achieve the objective of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by a quarter by 2025, decided in 2020”explains Nicolas Cadoux, national technical director of the group, contacted by Batiactu.

Ogic, which has existed for 60 years in Ile-de-France and for fifteen years in Rhone-Alps and in the Southeast, is, with 250 employees, an intermediate-sized promoter. Housing represents 80% of its production (it will deliver 1,900 this year).

You have 80% left to discover.

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