OPPBTP’s “100 minutes for life” operation attracts more participants in 2023

The professional organization for the prevention of building and public works (OPPBTP) Talk about “hit“. For the third edition of its “100 minutes for life” operation, launched in January 2023, the organization was pleased with the number of participants in this 100% mobile national challenge. Nearly 16,600 learners and teachers from construction sector, from 156 establishments, were made aware of the prevention of occupational risks for five weeks, between January and February 2019. This was the first time that teachers and trainers were authorized to participate. lent themselves to the game.

The mobilization around this set of occupational health and safety issues and interactive challenges is bearing fruit. For the past two years, the number of participants, the commitment over the entire duration of the challenge and the rate of correct answers have continued to progress.“, rejoiced the OPPBTP in a press release. In total, nearly 230,000 apprentices have been made aware of the prevention of occupational risks. For the organization, this campaign is a means of supporting future professionals in the integration good safety practices on construction sites.

Rewards to win

The game is quite simple. Participants must earn as many points as possible by correctly answering questions related to risk prevention or which correspond to fictitious situations. Each player answered around 83 questions, up from 64 in 2022.

The operation was supported by the training centers Affa, as part of a national partnership agreement signed at the end of 2022 with the OPPBTP. So, “two competitions were organized in parallel in order to reward, on the one hand, the ten best players of each region of France among the CFA and professional high schools, and on the other hand the ten best trainees of the Afpa“. The prizes to be won? An electric bike and helmet, a shopping voucher from a major retailer, Bluetooth wireless headphones, a Bluetooth speaker and table football.

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