Parot still growing – Le Journal des Entreprises

THE Parot car dealership, based in Bruges (Gironde), recently communicated its financial results for the year 2022. Cumulating a turnover of 360.3 million euros (+4.8% “like for like”), it confirms a “particularly strong” commercial momentum in the last quarter of the year, despite persistent tensions over supplies”. Passenger vehicle activity reached 193.3 million euros (+4.6%), despite a decline volume of used vehicles (-27.4%), a drop having a strong impact on the group’s BtoB trading activity, whose turnover fell by 26.3%. sales, it climbed to 167 million euros, up 6.8% compared to 2021. “We remain focused on the continued development of our activities, both organically and through possible growth operations. external. At the same time, we are committed to completing the refocusing of our banking round”, notably revealed on this occasion the CEO of the group, Alexandre Parot.

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