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In September 2021, Manuel Pinard launched the company Planète Rando, based in Loire-Authion (Maine-et-Loire): a classic e-commerce activity offering hiking and cycling equipment. “Even if the activity is growing, the competition is strong and I wanted to stand out by offering something else and betting on rental”, describes the entrepreneur. At the start of 2023, he therefore imagined equipment rental packs intended for hikers and cyclists.

Equipment Packs

The Angevin leader started from a simple observation: quality hiking or cycling equipment is expensive and is often little used during the year. “In a context of inflation, the prices of this equipment for outdoor activities will continue to climb, adds Manuel Pinard. The idea is therefore to address families, beginners or occasional hikers without them having to worry about investing in equipment, but also to more experienced practitioners who want to test equipment before buying it.”

Planète Rando offers both predefined packs, which include the tent, accessories or clothing and even a baby carrier, or turnkey solutions. All deliverable whatever the destination, at home or at the resort, in a reusable bag. For this, the young company from Angevin approached the Auvergne manufacturer Picture Organic Clothing, based in Cébazat (Puy-de-Dôme), which has developed a range of bags called Re-Pack. “The customer can return the pack after use, from anywhere, with a prepaid shipment”, specifies Manuel Pinard.


The other lever that guided the Angevin entrepreneur in his approach is the environmental aspect: “Renting rather than buying or second-hand rather than new products are in tune with the times, and even more among younger generations, says Manuel Pinard. It’s a different way of consuming while still having the possibility of using products from major brands.”

Planète Rando is counting on the coming summer season to publicize its concept, on which the actors are much less numerous. To develop, the company, which plans to recruit next year, aims to forge partnerships with companies, travel agencies or tourist guides, and wishes to become within a few years an essential reference in the field of hiking and the outdoors. She also plans to create her own line of equipment and backpacks in the future.

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