planners have their roadmap

As part of the National Low-Carbon Strategy (SNBC), the Climate and Resilience Law provides that the 14 sectors that emit the most CO2 each draw up their own decarbonization roadmap. If transport has no less than four (aviation, heavy vehicles, etc.), the world of construction has two to produce: one centered on the life cycle of the building, the other on the act to arrange.

The National Network of Developers, which brings together public (such as EPAs) and private entities, was naturally tasked, in tandem with the DGALN (Directorate General for Planning, Housing and Nature), with drawing up the latter. It was during one of its Professional Days, on March 30, that the RNA presented its conclusions, already “transmitted to the ministries concerned”explained Anne Fraisse, general manager of Urbains des bois, a subsidiary of Icade, who led this work.

Defining a “development sector”

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