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Sandsoft Games, the AAA talent-powered mobile games developer, publisher and investor, is proud to announce today that it has invested US$3.25 million (€3 million ) in The Tiny Digital Factory (TDF), an independent developer of world-class mobile racing and motorsport games.

The investment in the France and Canada-based studio represents a significant addition to Sandsoft Games’ portfolio and will enable both companies to continue to develop innovative mobile gaming experiences for gamers in 2023 and beyond. Sandsoft Games has a well-established global presence, with its in-house game development studio and publishing team based in Riyadh, as well as other publishing teams in Barcelona, ​​Helsinki and Shanghai. Sandsoft Games’ leadership team is comprised of top gaming industry talent, including CEO David Fernandez and Publishing Director Miikka Lindgren, who will team up with The Tiny Digital Factory’s highly experienced team to develop the studio’s game development plans. Additionally, Sandsoft will publish TDF’s games in the MENA region, leveraging its localization and marketing capabilities to attract gamers from the Arab world.

The Tiny Digital Factory is led by a veteran of iconic racing game franchises such as Test Drive Unlimited and V-Rally, Stéphane Baudet, who has since created successful mobile games such as GT Manager. Over the past 18 months, TDF has developed unprecedented expertise in the field of web3 and the power of digital property in racing games through collaborations with the first players in the field, F1 Delta Time and Revv Racing. TDF is currently developing a cutting-edge web3 racing game, Infinite Drive, which has already received critical acclaim for its game-first approach and recently announced its official partnership with Aston Martin.

Mr. Abdulaziz Alajlan, Managing Director of Sandsoft, said:

“The investment in The Tiny Digital Factory is an important step in Sandsoft’s investment vision to help game studios become leaders in mobile and Web3 games. It will also contribute to Saudi Arabia’s positive impact on the global gaming industry, in line with the Kingdom’s National Gaming Strategy and Vision 2030. The Tiny Digital Factory team has enormous potential and we are excited to have the opportunity to help drive it forward. »

David Fernandez, CEO of Sandsoft Games, continues:

“We are thrilled to welcome The Tiny Digital Factory to the Sandsoft Games collective of game creators. The Tiny Digital Factory has a proven track record of producing world-class racing games and is a natural partner for Sandsoft Games as it seeks to create a lasting legacy of innovative, mobile-first gaming experiences. The Tiny Digital Factory also shares our philosophy for web3 player-first games, where any blockchain integration must provide unique value to players that cannot be achieved with existing technology. Our new alliance is an ideal match as both teams have the player and playing experience at the epicenter of our games. »

Stéphane Baudet, CEO of Tiny Digital Factory, adds,

“Sandsoft Games is both a major investor and supporter of growth and innovation in the global games industry. The team’s ambition allows us to be even bolder, braver and better at the talent and technology we allocate to bring amazing mobile games to new and excited audiences. We are uniquely impressed with the AAA team in place at Sandsoft, and their “player first” philosophy that is embedded in their company from the ground up. »

Sandsoft has recently invested in major IP-related mobile titles, including Rambo: Strike Force and Pacific Rim: Breach Wars, as well as new and emerging gaming technologies. Sandsoft is the gaming arm of Ajlan & Bros Holding, one of the largest companies in the MENA region, giving the company and partners like The Tiny Digital Factory access to unparalleled global infrastructure.

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