prices are falling in all major cities, according to professionals

The slowdown in the rise in prices in the old sector was recorded. The duality of the market had already emerged, both between houses and apartments and between large cities and more relaxed territories. From now on, the analysis of the figures for the first quarter “leaves no doubt: the real estate market is taking a break”notes the network of Orpi agencies in a note, at the beginning of April, and “the French real estate landscape is becoming more and more contrasted”.

These are particularly spectacular figures, and more marked than those of other networks (FnaimCentury 21, Laforêt…), which Orpi delivers, according to his feedback from the field: it thus appears that “the metropolises are idling and posting significant price drops”.

-10% to Bordeaux-11% to Nantes-19% in Montpellier

In fact, of the ten largest French cities, only one still shows, according to the network, rising prices: this is Marseilles, long discounted, which began a process of gradual recovery a few years ago. On the others, the figures are confusing:

You have 51% left to discover.

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