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Pôle Emploi Nouvelle-Aquitaine recently published a study on the labor needs of regional companies in 2023, carried out among 37,300 companies. We discover a number of recruitment projects which continues an upward trend, with +2% and 337,700 hiring intentions against, for example, 178,800 in 2015.

VSEs drive recruitment

This record level (+7,100 between 2022 and 2023) mainly concerns (64.2%) non-seasonal jobs (+3.6 points over one year). However, the number of companies planning to recruit in 2023 is down 1.4 points (to 33.2%) compared to 2022, following the trend at the national level (-1.8 points to 31%). 49.3% of hiring projects come from VSEs with fewer than 10 employees, i.e. 3.8% more than in 2022. Companies with fewer than 50 employees follow (22.8%, +2.3%) , those with less than 200 employees (15.2%, -1.3%) and finally those with 200 or more employees (12.7%, -0.2%).

Recruitment difficulties on the rise

By far, the service business sector (57.5%) is the most represented with 58,800 hiring intentions in business services (+0.4%) and 135,500 in BtoC. Far behind follow agriculture (+1,133) and agri-food industry (-559) for 18.5% and 62,600 projects (+0.8%), trade down 4.3% (38,300 hiring intentions, -2,411), construction at 7% (23,700 projects, -0.2%) and finally the manufacturing industry up at 5.6% (18,800 projects). It is in the latter that we observe the strongest acceleration, with an increase of +7.9%.

Recruitment difficulties continue to rise with 70.3% of projects difficult to fill, a percentage higher than the national average (61%). The trades most in tension are transporters, roofers, masons or childminders, who find recruitment difficult for more than 90% of their hiring intentions. 85% of recruiters lack candidates, 79% consider the profiles they receive inadequate and 37% encounter a difficulty due to the nature of the position offered.

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