Renewal of a partnership for prevention on gas sites

A renewed partnership after a 22-year collaboration. The OPPBTP (Professional organization for the prevention of building and public works), GRT Gaz (the main gas transport operator) and Storengy (subsidiary ofEngie specialized in underground gas storage) have just signed a new agreement aimed at improving prevention on gas infrastructure sites, but by integrating new players: Teréga, Trapil and Géomethane. Thus, the five main companies intervening as contracting authorities and prime contractors on the sites of gas and hydrocarbon works at the national level are brought together within the same agreement.

The first partnership has already enabled the OPPBTP, GRT Gaz and Storengy to carry out awareness-raising, training and advice on health and safety prevention with project owners and also subcontractors. Hoping to go even further in this direction, three additional players have therefore been associated: the second French gas transport operator, Teréga; a pipeline network operator, Trapil; and the economic interest group (GIE) specializing in underground gas storage in the South-East, Geomethane.

Improved internal training

The new agreement undertakes to mobilize all stakeholders around the development of concrete solutions and technical deliverables, while developing company cultures dedicated to prevention and promoting the anticipation of occupational risks on a daily basis. According to a joint press release, the actions implemented will focus on improving the “level of prevention of the companies involved, in particular by encouraging them to engage in a support process with the OPPBTP”while professionals will be encouraged to “initiate safety-health-environment certification procedures”.

Internal prevention training will also be improved. The signatories will also rely on “good practices in the field of safety for carrying out prevention and performance studies”and should “develop the knowledge of the personnel involved by using e-learning media (online learning, editor’s note), the documentary offer and the tools of the OPPBTP”.

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