Rhode Island Senate President Outrages Casino Anti-Tobacco Groups

Today, comments from the President of the Rhode Island Senate Dominick Ruggerio caused a fresh stir in the debate, with the man lashing out at those who have called for restrictions on smoking in gambling halls.

Casino workers blamed for taking the jobs in the first place

Mr Ruggerio bluntly criticized casino workers for asking to quit smoking, using rather strong terms to describe their demands. His remarks were made as part of the Rhode Island Report, a weekly podcast hosted by PBS And The Boston Globe.

The debate ignited when the issue of indoor smoking was brought up during the podcast. In fact, there is a loophole in state law that exempts casinos from having to smoke inside buildings. Public health And Occupational Safety Act and allows casinos to accommodate smokers in gambling halls.

This must stop, insist opponents of the exemption. However, Mr Ruggerio chose to use his own words much more forcefully, saying that these people should just look for another job instead. “Now all of a sudden there’s a small group that thinks it’s not good for their health,” the lawmaker railed on air.

Of course, Ruggerio is misinformed about at least two of the things he said – for starters, the link between poor health and smoking, as well as passive smoking, has been very well established. Ruggerio’s personal objection to those calling for smoke-free areas does little to change the fact-based scientific evidence and public opinion. and not casually.

On the other hand, the question arises as to how many people are really fed up with smokers. Casino employees are on the front line, but other customers are also complaining. A recent survey ranking the worst hotel services in the European Union (EU) found that smokers weren’t the only ones complaining. UNITED STATESfor example, cited the smell of cigars as one of the reasons they gave poor reviews of certain properties.

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Ruggerio is also expected to offer balanced opinions, and as a lawmaker he should stand up for people’s welfare. Another argument, that the lack of smokers undermines the financial feasibility of casino projects, has also been demolished by hard data indicating that companies are not experiencing any slowdown in operating results.

No, ventilation systems do not protect against hazardous particles

Rhode Island Law Casino employees against the effects of smoking chapter, CEASEresponded to Mr. Ruggerio’s comments as disrespectful, inflammatory and uninformed. “The Senate Speaker’s slamming casino workers for ‘accepting’ this job is a slap in the face to the hundreds of workers who make up the backbone of the casino industry,” a message read. official.

Those who support Mr. Ruggerio’s libelous claims have often cited advances in ventilation systems during the pandemic, which effectively “undid” the impact of passive smoking. That too sounds great, but the claims aren’t really viable.

THE American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers addressed an official position to Rhode Island lawmakers informing them that these claims were false and that the ventilation systems did not actually remove harmful and toxic particles, and certainly not to a level that would make them harmless to the thousands of people who work in Rhode Island casinos and who are exposed to passive smoking.

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