Santander and two other stocks that broke through resistance on Friday

Santander manages to break through the resistance at 3.1350 euros, which is a sign of the current buying strength.

Its short-term technicals are good although we don’t rule out some profit taking after the latest bulls before seeing an extension of gains to the 3.34 euro level, last year’s highs.

eDreams Break the resistance at 4.70 euros and look for the average at 200 sessions. Watch out for the break, in the next few days, of the resistance of 5.50 euros as it would suggest a change in trend. This is undoubtedly an interesting security for the weeks to come.

Amadeus continues to gain positions after breaking through the key resistance at 55.16 euros. The crossing of the resistance at 56.18 euros invites us to think of an extension of the gains to the level of 59 euros. The most likely scenario is that in the next few days we will see the appearance of a sign of weakness that will lead us to think of a road stop that will restore the gains of almost 20% accumulated since the beginning of the year. .

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