Scaramucci: “SkyBridge Capital can buy back the 30% it sold to FTX”.

The founder of SkyBridge Capital and former White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramuccipointed out that his investment company can buy out the 30% stake. acquired by the bankrupt stock exchange of cryptocurrencies FTX, which she accused of fraud.

“We are awaiting clearance from bankruptcy officials, lawyers and investment bankers to determine exactly what we will buy back and when. »He said in an interview with CNBC. Scaramucci also noted that he believes that this situation will not be resolved “probably before the end of the first half of this year”.while acknowledging that was unaware of the extent of leverage it exerted on user funds. of the cryptocurrency exchange.

Likewise, the Goldman Sachs alum says that “it’s very clear” that Sam Bankman-Fried and his associates are. guilty of committing FTX fraud. “Of course, we will have to let the legal system determine all of these things. I would ask Sam and his family to tell their investors the truth, to get to the bottom of it.” , he added.

Finally, the founder of SkyBridge Capital indicated that much of the FTX investor money will likely be recouped. “I think it will be resolved favorably,” he said, when asked about the $5 billion that has already been recovered by cryptocurrency liquidators, which he called a ” very good news “.

Recently, Bankman-Fried, who is at… released on bailhas been re-declared innocent of all charges brought against him by the American courts. and assured for not stealing funds from FTX clients.. Similarly, the founder of the ill-fated stock exchange gave his views on the bankruptcy process in a post on Substack in which he makes the following remarks numerous statements that were previously contradicted by legal authorities and the new management of FTX.

This week we learned that The United States met with another former senior platform official. founded by Bankman-Fried, the former director of engineering Nishad Singhto study the possibility of offering him an amicable settlement in exchange for information on SBF and FTX. December, carolina Ellisonformer CEO of Alameda Research, and Gary Wangco-founder of FTX, said they were guilty of all charges and has agreed to cooperate with US justice. in the investigation of the failure of the cryptocurrency exchange.

On another note, this Thursday the SEC has formally accused Gemini and Genesis sale of unregistered securitiesboth of which are companies affected by the spillover effect caused by the bankruptcy of FTX. Furthermore, a study by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis indicates that 2022 as the year in which the most illicit cryptocurrency transactions will take place. took place.

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