Several adjustments for the Lyon fabric museum by Rudy Ricciotti

Rudy Ricciotti’s Fabric Museum project in Lyon experienced some upheaval last fall. In effect, last November, an aspect of the project was challenged by the metropolitan council following the holding of a commission of inquiry. Amendment No. 3 of the local urban planning and housing plan (PLU-H) of the Metropolis, which included the project to extend the Museum of Fabrics, was not validated by investigators commissioners, a-t -we learned in a report delivered in June 2022. Complaints from local residents were expressed, contesting the height of one of the buildings, devoted to the archives and the heritage of the museum.

The Auvergne region Rhone-Alps, which finances the project, has therefore proposed a new version. ” When we made the choice to take over the Musée des Tissus de Lyon, we had the ambition to make it a place of modern culture, worthy of the richness of its collections and all the history that he embodies. (…) With this project, we are continuing the revival of the Museum of Fabrics in order to give it back the central place it deserves, in order to also offer the people of Lyon a great place of culture which will notably retrace the rich history of silk. More than an architectural project, marked by the talent of Rudy Ricciotti, the investments of the Region will make it possible to give a new impetus to the Museum of Fabrics to make it a high place of culture “declared Laurent Wauquiez, president of the region.

Lyon fabric museum
Lyon fabric museum © Rudy Ricciotti Agency Architect

Lower buildings and more vegetation

What changes have been made to the project? First of all, the total area of ​​the museum has been reduced by 1,300 m2 and the heights of all the buildings have been revised downwards: “They are completely revised at the back of the plot, until they disappear for the residents of rue Auguste-Comte”, specifies the region on its site. In total, the museum will cover 5,516 m², including 1,141 m² for temporary exhibitions, 1,080 m² for the permanent exhibition, 489 m² for a modular space dedicated to events on the ground floor of the new hotel, to be completed with R-1 access to the 403 m² auditorium and garden access, and finally, 399 m² on 3 floors in the Hôtel des Tissus, for privatized space, seminars and other exhibitions. The project also aims to be greener with the creation of a garden behind the Villeroy hotel, and greening of the roofs of the annex. An approach that goes with the desire to green the entire plot.

Lyon fabric museum
Lyon fabric museum © Rudy Ricciotti Architect Agency

“The fragile balance between creation and conservation”, R. Ricciotti

As a result, the new project aims to better preserve private mansions. On the program: deconstruction of the rear building (the west silo) to create the opportunity to restore a garden to the Hôtel Villeroy. The latter is also valued in the new project. Finally, the new hotel will benefit from an improved facade for a better connection between the two mansions but also a better circulation and overall distribution of the site. “(…) The second stage of my project, after its romanticism, is to imagine it as the fragile balance between creation and conservation, between modernity and heritage. Here we do a lace work inside the heart of the island, a draped work. We put a silk of glass (…)”underlines the architect of the project Rudy Ricciotti.

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