Sharp increase in scams on the internet

The imagination of scammers has no limits and the internet is a popular hunting ground. Besides, no one is immune, individuals or companies.

We are witnessing a sharp increase in attempted scams on the internet. According to some statistics, they would have almost tripled between 2021 and 2022. So, in the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to contact your bank, because time is not on your side.

Various scams affecting everyone

The imagination of scammers has no limits and the internet is a popular hunting ground: fake sales sites with items you will never receive, cash advances, phishing emails, the list goes on . And no one is immune, individuals or companies.

Pay attention to warning messages!

One of the popular scams is the warning window, which can appear when you surf the net or pay for an online purchase… You are told that your computer is blocked, infected with a virus , that you urgently need to call technical support or install cleaning software. The message may vary, but the objective is the same: to try to take control of your computer, which will make it possible to steal the access codes to your e-banking and steal from you.

It is essential to react quickly

If you think you have been tricked, contact your bank immediately. Because the sooner it intervenes, the more likely it is to interrupt the scam or recover the money that could have been stolen, especially payments abroad.

It is essential to develop the right reflexes, because, in the near future, payments will be instantaneous. The means of interrupting transactions or recovering funds will then be much more limited.

Keep an eye on your accounts

Also, keep an eye on your accounts and transactions. Most e-banking platforms allow you to configure alerts to inform you of unusual transactions, to set thresholds on amounts or to draw attention to certain beneficiaries.

Article published in 24 Hours, February 28, 2023

Martin Dion,
IT Security Department Manager, BCV

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