Significant increase in executive recruitment in 2022 – Le Journal des Entreprises

The Apec (Association for the employment of executives) of Nouvelle-Aquitaine has just published a 2022 report on the recruitment of executives in the region. We discover an indicator on the rise, to 14,400 hires in 2022 (against 12,790 in 2021), an increase of 13%, “less intense than at the national level”. Almost half (45%) of job offers come, unsurprisingly, from the department of Gironde, followed by Pyrénées-Atlantiques (10%), Deux-Sèvres, Charente-Maritime (7%) or again the Charente (5%). The top three jobs concentrating the largest number of offers are in the sectors of IT development (2,560 offers), accounting (2,083), auditing and accounting expertise (1,681) . At the end of 2022, the number of executives in post increased by 2.1% in the region, representing 6% of executives in mainland France. On the outlook side, Apec expects a 9% drop in recruitment to return to a “level similar to that before the crisis, i.e. 13,100 hires, mainly (64%) in service SMEs (56%).

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