socially exemplary construction sites, the other challenge for Solideo

By the end of 2023, almost 90% of the Olympic works will be delivered. To meet the deadlines, more than 5,400 workers are mobilized at the beginning of the year on the many sites still in progress, in Parisian region principally. In the athletes’ village alone, straddling the towns of Saint-Denis, Ile-Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen, 3,000 of them meet daily.

A significant number of contributors, therefore, on a relatively limited perimeter. And a challenge from a social point of view for the Olympic works delivery company, Solideo, which is piloting this major project on the various sites. Especially since, as Nicolas Ferrand, Executive Director General of the public establishment, reminds us, during a press conference on January 17, 2023, strong ambitions in this area have been defined. The goal: to ensure that the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024 benefit the greatest number, from the construction of the works. But also lead by example.

You have 81% left to discover.

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