Sofacto joins two European partners to create a common brand – Le Journal des Entreprises

Taken over in 2022 with the Danish Reepay by the German group Billwerk, the Montpellier Sofacto (20 employees), supplier of subscription management and invoicing applications integrated with Salesforce, joins forces with its two partners for the launch of a common brand, “Billwerk +”. This offer, which is based on the convergence of their know-how in the management of invoicing, subscriptions and recurring payments, will allow them to offer their customers all the skills of a single supplier. Sofacto, which manages approximately 200 client companies of its services, will therefore now be able to address any company outside the Salesforce ecosystem. Billwerk + employs more than 150 people, spread over five sites (Montpellier, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Gdansk and Minsk). Backed by the PSG Equity fund, the new entity aims to position itself as “a benchmark player in Europe and a major alternative to North American solutions”.

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