Stefano Sala, new executive president of Publiespaña

The website Publiespaña Board of Directors approved this Friday the appointments of Stefano Sala as Executive Chairman from Publiespaña and Davide Mondo, new general manager of the advertising management subsidiary of the Mediaset España group, according to the company.

With the incorporation of the two frameworks, the Publiespaña Board of Directors is completed by Former student of Francisco as Managing Director; Massimo MusolinoGeneral Manager of Management and Operations of Mediaset España, and Mario RodriguezGroup General Manager and Deputy to the President of Mediaset España, Borja Prado.

Stefano Sala (Milan, 1962) new executive president of Publiespaña, has been since 2015. board member of Mediasetcurrently MFE-MEDIAFOREUROPE, and member of its executive committee, and member of the board of RTI since 2017.

Graduated in Business Economics, his career has always been linked to the world of advertising and strongly linked to the business conglomerate MFE-MEDIAFOREUROPE.He was CEO of Publitalia in 80.” He has held several positions within the group, as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Digitalia’08 since 2022 and Chief Executive Officer of Publieurope since 2017, of which he became Chairman in 2021, position he also holds today. He has also been Chairman of Mediamond since 2020.He has been a director of RadioMediaset since 2016, a director of Mediaset Italia since 2020, president of Videowall since 2019 and a director of Auditel since 2020,” the company said.

Previously, he was CEO and President of other companies in the advertising industry such as GroupM, Mediaedge:Cia, Mindshare, and held various positions at Media Insight/Mindshare, CIA.


David Mondo (Milan, 1970) and a graduate in economics and business studies, begins a new phase in his new position as general manager of Publiespaña “after a long and successful career”. long professional career linked to the advertising sector within Mediaset and with a high level of specialization in digital advertising,” the company said.

Since 2009, he has been the CEO of Mediamond.a digital advertising company created between Mediaset and Mondadori; the position of general manager of radio at Digitalia’08 during 2022, the radio concessionaire of the RadioMediaset group; and since 2017 the presidency of AdTech Adventures, a joint venture created by Publitalia and Publiespaña to invest in technology companies in the advertising sector.

David Mondo, Member of the Audiweb Board of Directors since 2009a committee created jointly by various audiovisual operators in Italy for the promotion and standardization of digital measurement, he also held various positions at Publitalia at the start of his career and at Tiscali Adv. where he served as Managing Director until 2009.

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