STIX A340 LVT PROJECT, the new flexible floor adhesive for LVT coverings!

The latest trends in flooring are oriented towards aesthetics and speed of implementation. The development and success of LVT is explained by the variety of products, the realistic imitations and the speed of installation. Bostik innovates and launches a new special LVT glue.

A new LVT glue

THE LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) are modular PVC floor coverings in tiles or strips. They are the new generation of PVC, which completes the current offer in rolls. The objective is to use new technologies to create more contemporary formats and to approach the appearance of parquet and tiles. The ever-increasing diversity of LVT presents new challenges for adhesives and setting materials. BOSTIK, market leader in flexible floor adhesives, innovates and launches a product, STIX A340 LVT PROJECT, solvent-free acrylic adhesive, specially adapted for the installation of LVT coverings. Its ease of application, its rapid blocking and its high final performance make it a privileged partner for professionals and tradesmen.

Discover STIX A340 LVT Project glue

“Made in France” glue in a recycled plastic bucket

Bostik STIX A340 LVT PROJECT glue is made in France and packaged in a recycled plastic bucket (PCR) from the reprocessing of household waste. This glue is part of the company’s strategy to develop and market solutions that are more respectful of the environment and its applicators.

Different demanding uses such as laying decorative floors in hotels

The hotel sector is always in demand for new materials, new aesthetic trends or aesthetic performance to satisfy customers or demanding specifications and thus offer a remarkable customer experience. There new STIX A340 LVT flexible floor adhesive and Bostik floor preparation solutions make it possible to prepare and bond all types of coverings regardless of their design, characteristics or resistance to traffic. To successfully lay an LVT covering on a concrete floor in a hotel room, for example, we recommend first of all the use of a multi-purpose primer to prepare the substrate as the GRIP A500 MULTI making it possible to secure the installation of the leveling compound. To ensure a smooth floor and a perfect finish, it is then necessary to carry out a type P3 leveling of the type of our leveling compound SL C330 Trafic versatile self-leveling agent suitable for interior floors and underfloor heating. To finish, all you have to do is lay the covering by applying the STIX A340 LVT Project glue.

Systems for different floor layouts

Every building and project needs precise solutions to deliver the best experience and performance. Find all our advice and system recommendations in our flooring solutions guide where we detail several systems for laying all types of flooring for 6 key markets in the construction world.

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