Strasbourg: growing traffic for Volotea in 2022 – Le Journal des Entreprises

With more than 4,300 flights, 22 destinations offered from Strasbourg Airport and more than 660,000 passengers transported, Volotea presents a good 2022 report on its Alsatian base. “We are proud to announce such good results in Strasbourg, 10 years after the start of our operations in Alsace. They confirm the effectiveness of our offer and place Volotea as a major player in tourism in the region. We have indeed at heart to get involved in its influence, both in terms of connectivity and jobs,” says Céline Lacroix, international development manager at Volotea. The company has 70 direct jobs in the region. Its flight plan for 2023 at the Strasbourg airport: A new line to Faro, Portugal, and the replacement of its Airbus 319 by an Airbus 320, which emits less CO2 per passenger per kilometer. Still, a passenger in a plane emits 285 grams of CO2 per kilometer, compared to 158 grams by car and only 14 grams by train, according to the European Environment Agency.

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