Students trained to become expert surveyors reinvent the Eiffel Tower site

The annual “eXpert game” meeting, organized by the Order of Expert Surveyors (OGE), brought together around a hundred first-year students from engineering schools. These young people training in the profession of surveyor-expert participated on March 30, 2023 in the final phase of this game offering them to slip into the shoes of a professional. This event is “intended to introduce them to all facets of the profession in a fun and original way“, explains the Order in a press release.

Several awards given

For this fourth edition won by the Insa school Strasbourg, the students had the mission to reinvent the site of the Eiffel Tower on the occasion of the 2024 Olympic Games. In total, 18 teams competed. However, the three participating schools were rewarded. “The first was given a Teria PYX (the new generation GNSS receiver that allows mapping or topography work to be carried out with centimeter precision), while the second and third benefited from a computer“, says the EMB.

The six members of the winning team received a gift voucher worth 200 euros each. “It was an amazing, rewarding day and the theme was really exciting“, testified Sophie, from Insa Strasbourg. In addition, the Order wanted to reward the involvement and mobilization of all the students by offering checks worth 700 euros, 500 euros and 300 euros for each desk students from the three selected schools.

This meeting”will have allowed students to discover all the skills that surveyors must call on to rethink and promote such iconic monuments as the Iron Lady and the Trocadero as part of a large-scale development project“, continues the EMB.”Immersive events of this type allow us to show that the expert surveyor is today a committed and central player in the organization of international events such as the 2024 Olympic Games. This is a campaign that allows us to to attract the attention of young talents in a very tense recruitment context. Today all surveyors’ firms are looking to hire and nearly 3,000 positions are to be filled throughout France.“, declares the president of the superior council of the EMB.

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