Technical analysis: IAG, BBVA, Sabadell, Acciona, Telefónica, Ercros, Dow Jones, …

Here are the stocks we received the most questions about this morning. Cesar NuezBolsamanía technical analyst, puts the spotlight on the Tesla, Sabadell, Acciona, IAG, BBVA, Telefónica, Ercros and Dow Jones..

José Miguel C. Hello Mr. Nuez, would you be kind enough to give me your expert opinion on IAG and BBVA? Thank you very much and congratulations on your section.

Hello Jose Miguel. AGI has a wonderful year 2023. The airline has recovered 40% and, to date, has not shown any signs of weakness in its price series. Over the past two weeks, it has consolidated its levels without any corrections. The fact that we don’t see a deep correction is a sign of the current buying strength. We believe that this consolidation movement could be prolonged and we do not exclude that it could seek to breathe up to 1.70 euros. However, it looks like the strength is very large, so it is likely that sooner or later the company might look to attack the 1.70 level. resistance at 2.14 euros.


BBVA stopped near the resistance of 6.80 euros and could seek short-term support around 6.50 euros. It would be good news if it manages to stay between 6.19 and 6.50 euros.. This would suggest an extension of its main uptrend towards the €7.50 level. If, on the other hand, it abandoned the support of 6.19 euros, a slower rise would be confirmed, since it could end up looking for support around 5.50 euros, where the 200-session average converges.


Julián C. Best regards Don César, at what price do you consider a good entry in Sabadell and Acciona? THANKS.

Hello Julian. Sabadell has made great progress since the beginning of the year. After gains of over 40%, we think it might consolidate its trend a bit, so I would expect a consolidation pattern in a few weeks. Its trend remains clearly bullish and it is certainly a stock to follow during the year. Nevertheless, With its high overbought levels, I would wait for a general market correction before considering taking a position.


Acciona is a very interesting action for the coming weeks. For the past few months, it has been evolving in a side band just close to the average at 200 sessions. However, the rising lows make us think this is a very interesting stock for the coming weeks. very attentive to an upcoming attack from the resistance at 192 euros.. Crossing this price level would be the signal I would be waiting for to enter the company. The bullish target could be around 211 euros, historic highs reached last year.


Monica B. Hello Mr. Nuez. I have been buying Telefónicas for months and I am a little bored, could you comment on its technical aspect and its Ercros? THANKS.

Telefonica managed to cling to the lower part of the bullish channel in which it has been evolving since the beginning of October. Last Tuesday we could see the formation of a bullish envelope that makes us think of an immediate attack on the short-term resistance at 3,548 euros. If it manages to surpass these prices, it is very likely that we will be able to see an extension of the increases to the peaks drawn in 2023 at 3.665 euros. The crossing of these levels could lead it towards the key medium-term resistance at 3.80 euros, where the average of 200 sessions converges. Only if the return is above this average will we consider a change in trend in the medium to long term.


The impressive increases of recent weeks in Ercros led it to break through the key resistance at 3.91 euros. After gains of 20% in just over a month, all indications are that we might see a break. We do not rule out a return to the level of 3.6-3.5 euros, a price where purchases could resume. In the medium and long term, its technical prospects are very good and everything seems to indicate that we could see an extension of the gains up to the level of 4.5 euros or even up to 5 euros..


Kike S. Nice to welcome you, could you tell us how you see the Dow Jones and Tesla technically?

The Dow Jones has been consolidating its levels for more than three months after managing to break above the 200-session average. Over the next few days, we will continue to closely monitor the performance of the Dow Jones and Tesla. the key resistance at 34,712 points. If he manages to break it, it would confirm the formation of a 200-session mean reversion. This figure is a continuation of the trend and would lead us to think of a a return to the historic highs of early 2022 at 36,934 points.. Below, the support that we will not lose sight of is at 32.573 points, the price where the 200-session average is located. As long as it respects these prices, the upward trend in North American selective will remain intact.


You’re here Tesla managed to break through the $200 resistance on Wednesday. The rebound from the lows at the start of the year has been spectacular. The company has recovered by 100%. The closeness to the 200 session average and the high levels of overbought that can be seen in its price series make us think of profit taking. Key resistance lies at $230. Watch for a break above this level as it would signal a trend change. The first level of support is located at $182. We will not see any signs of weakness as long as the price remains above this level.



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