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Below, we answer the actions we were most asked for this morning. Cesar Nueztechnical analyst at Bolsamanía, focuses on Apple, Viscofan, Santander, Telefónica, Meliá Hotels, bitcoin, ethereum and Nasdaq.

Paco M. Hello Don Caesar. I would just like to have your opinion on Telefónica and Santander. Thank you very much and best regards.

Hello Paco. Despite recent falls, Telefonica doesn’t look bad technically. The company could be shaping a return to the level of €3.50. and it seems very likely that we could see an extension of gains. For the weeks to come it is more than likely that we will eventually see an extension of the increases towards the level of 3.80-3.9 euros, the price where the average of the 200 sessions is located.. The trader’s trend is clearly bearish, although in the short term we believe it could continue to rise.


Santander offers a very good technical aspect after having managed to cross, only a few sessions ago, the resistance at 3.1350 euros. This brought its price streak back close to last year’s highs, at 3.3450 euros. Know that next Thursday the results will be published and we do not exclude that he could take advantage of this moment to breathe a little.. The first level of support is at 3 euros. If it fails to hold at these prices, it is likely that we will end up witnessing an extension of the declines to the level of 2,985 euros.


Raquel R. Hello and congratulations on your section. I bought Meliá Hotels shares at the beginning of the year, what should I do and can you tell me if it’s a good time to buy Viscofan? Thanks.

Hello Rachel. You have bought very well Hotels Melia. From today he must wear a revaluation of nearly 30%. If I were you, I would sell the position, because the most normal thing is that it ends up being reimbursed after the last rises. If you are considering taking a position back, I would wait to see the extent of the correction. If it manages to stay at 5.70 euros, the price at which the average over 200 sessions is, I would consider joining the company.. In the medium term, its technical aspect has improved and would improve even more if it manages to break through the resistance at 6.56 euros. This would imply a change in trend in the medium to long term.


The main trend of Viscofan is clearly bullish. In recent weeks, the company has had a break and seems to have been able to find support around 58 euros. I would wait for a close above 60 euros to enter the company. If it manages to overcome these prices, the most normal thing is that we could see an extension of the gains to the level of 63.05 euros, all-time highs. Exceeding these prices would leave it free climbing, with the way clear for us to eventually see an extension of gains to the $70 level.


Roberto N. Nice to greet you, how do you see the technical aspect of bitcoin after the impressive rises this month of January, has he already confirmed a trend reversal, is ethereum doing better? Regards.

The website bitcoin has appreciated by 40% so far in 2023. This has allowed it to improve its very difficult technical side and it is still trading above the 200 session average. However, to see a However, to see a more solid technical improvement, we should wait for the breakout of the resistance at $25,270. This would be a show of strength that would lead us to believe in an extension of gains to the $29,150 level, the highs of the bearish gap left last June. Despite these good feelings, one should not forget that its trend is strongly bearish and that it offers, as of today, high levels of shady buying and selling, which could lead to profit taking. It is important to see what the short-term correction looks like and how far it falls to gauge the strength of the cryptocurrency.


The website ethereum has managed to exceed the average of 200 sessions and has been evolving for a few weeks in a side band just below the average. resistance at $1,670. Everything seems to indicate that it could end up exceeding these prices, which would make us think of an extension of gains up to the $2,035 level.. Its performance at these prices is essential. If it manages to overcome them, it is very likely that we could end up confirming a change in trend.


Eric G. Best regards. I would like you to comment on the key levels of the Nasdaq and the technical aspect of Apple. Thank you so much.

Hello Eric. The website Nasdaq managed to hold near the 10,600 support level and is currently struggling to break above the 200 session average. Last Friday, the tech selective managed to break through the key short-term resistance at 12,166 points.. It looks like we could be at the start of a trend change. For the next few days, it seems It seems very likely that we could end up seeing an extension of the rallies up to the $12,739 level.the tops of the bearish gap left in September. Below, the first level of support lies at 11,251. We will not see any signs of weakness as long as the price remains above this level.


The quote from Apple is always conditioned by the average of 200 sessions. The Apple company hasn’t been able to top that average since dropping it at the end of August, and while it’s tried to get it back on several occasions, it’s always been in vain. In order to see an improvement on its technical side, we would have to wait for a rise above $157.50.which is still far from being the case. We should only be interested in the company if it manages to break above that price level.



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