[Télénantes/Le JDE] Bout’ à Bout’, Underdog, Women of Digital West and Redeem Medical: the companies making the news this month – Le Journal des Entreprises – Loire-Atlantique

Business of the month: Bout’ à Bout’

Founded by Célie Couché, the Nantes-based company Bout’ à Bout’, specializing in the reuse of glass bottles, will invest in a factory in Carquefou, north of Nantes. Between 15 and 20 million bottles can be washed there each year from the opening.

Figure of the month: 3.8 million euros

This is the amount of fundraising carried out by Underdog. This company was created by a trio of women: Claire Bretton, Laura Chavigny and Léa de Fierkowski. This fundraising will accelerate the deployment of its project which aims to develop a large-scale reconditioning sector for large household appliances. : dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.

Face of the month: Virginie Beurton-Le Mignon

She’s the new president of the association Femmes du Digital Ouest (FDO), created in Nantes eight years ago. This association campaigns for more diversity in the tech professions. Femmes du Digital Ouest works with different audiences, including middle school and high school girls in the five departments of the region. The goal is to remove the obstacles to encourage young girls and young women to move towards tech jobs.

Guest of the month: Clémence Cornet, CEO and co-founder of Redeem Medical

The Nantes start-up Redeem Medical aims to create a sector for the reuse of single-use splints. These medical devices are only used for an average of 21 days, they stay in cupboards for many years before being thrown away. A second life awaits them.

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