Thank you!

Thank you


Since launching the “Negoce Conseil” website to share my knowledge, I was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback, acceptance and support from all of you.

thanks you
community success


Je suis fier de savoir que ce site a atteint un tel succès si rapidement et j’apprécie vos encouragements surprenants en cours de route.Nous souhaitions vous mettre l’eau à la bouche.


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FreeAlso, when some of you humbly asked me for help and advice. It was a challenge for me and I felt comfortable being able to help. Looking back, I am satisfied with the little work done.

Highly recommendedGenuine, sincere community effort and support is extremely important to us. It's a formula for success.


Helping each other is often the most rewarding thing we can do! Very effective to go higher. Let’s be kind to each other.

Official and innovative

To share more success stories with everyone, I’m sharing with you some new articles as well as new sites that are finished or nearly finished. They are improved step by step.

The articles

Tutorial written for the site

7 useful tips for planning

Written guide for the site Négoce conseil

The ‘Négoce conseil The ultimate guide to selling your raw materials in 2023

Guide written for Franck de Lesdema

Ebook : guide-how-to-choose-the-perfect-workwear

The sites

financial freedom

Liberté financière

The Financial Freedom Blog is dedicated to providing the latest news and information on how to become financially independent.



I want to help people who are overweight. I understand their discomfort, but I am no expert. I am only just beginning and we could only go towards improving the conditions of those who have already tried everything.



The Billetos platform wants to offer the opportunity to travel for everyone

franck de lesdema Negoce Conseil

Work clothes shop

Provide your staff with professional work clothing to protect them from dirt, health, safety or thermal risks such as a work uniform, work pants, a work jacket, a yellow vest.

franck de lesdema Negoce Conseil

Franck de Lesdema

Offrez à votre personnel un vêtement de travail professionnel pour le protéger des salissures, des risques sanitaires de sécurité ou thermiques comme un uniforme de travail, un pantalon de travail, une veste de travail, un gilet jaune.


Stay tuned as these inspiring projects will hopefully encourage more mutual support between us in the future.

Congratulations to you and thank you to you;

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