The 10th Orientation Night will be held on Friday January 27 – Le Journal des Entreprises – Maine-et-Loire

Each year, the Orientation Night, organized by the CCI of Maine-et-Loire, makes it possible to present numerous sectors and training courses to middle and high school students, students or people in retraining or reorientation. The tenth edition of this event will be held at the Pierre Cointreau center in Angers, avenue de Lattre de Tassigny, on Friday 27 January. It will offer meetings with guidance counseling professionals, self-discovery specialists and business professionals. In total, more than 150 professionals are expected in the speed dating space for professions. This year, the Nuit de l’orientation will include in its course the premises of the Fab’Academy of the Pôle Formation de l’UIMM, which opened in September 2022 on the site of the CCI 49 campus.

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