The activity of VSEs-SMEs remains hampered by recruitment difficulties and energy prices

Recruitment difficulties are not without consequences for VSEs-SMEs. Half of the leaders who have sought to recruit over the past twelve months have not achieved their objectives in this area, says a study by Opinion Way for CCI France, conducted among 1,013 people from March 9 to 17. A failure attributed, in 60% of cases, to the scarcity of skills sought in the employment pool, far ahead of the mismatch between the position and the profiles of the candidates (at 26%). Alas, this situation results in more fatigue for the employees in place (59%), but also a disorganization of the functioning of the company (38%), up to the “renouncing” of customers or orders (31 %). The same study also underlines that the surge in energy prices is catching up with VSEs and SMEs: 55% felt the effects in the first quarter (+3 points compared to January). But the impact is not so much financial (32% are under pressure on cash, stable over two months) as operational: 29% have chosen to adapt their production processes to lower their bills (+7 points) .

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