The activity remains dense for the civil naval of Lorient – Le Journal des Entreprises

With 4,892 cumulative berth days, and 234 vessel movements (compared to 265 the previous year), the Lorient Keroman ship repair area will maintain sustained attendance in 2022, despite a boat lift at the end of its life which must be replaced by 2024 by a more powerful model (800 tons). With the establishment last year of a new self-propelled cart, and the upcoming rehabilitation of the Dombunkers, this activity should not slow down. On the left bank of the Scorff, afloat maintenance of vessels continues to ramp up with 1,600 cumulative days of berth (+7.9%). A boon for the Sem of Lorient Keroman, manager of this equipment, which intends to maximize the economic benefits of the expected development of floating wind power in southern Brittany.

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