The actor of the Cin’étoiles event projection commits 560,000 euros for its developments – Le Journal des Entreprises

Cin’étoiles operates in a niche business. His credo: event projection. Now managed by Morgane Pondard, daughter of founder Henry Pondard, this company left Elven to continue its development at La Vraie-Croix. “We needed space, a location at an affordable price and a quick connection to the main roads”, summarizes Morgane Pondard. Cin’étoiles, which employs 4 people year-round (15 at the height of its activity) and generates 592,000 euros in turnover, has invested 560,000 euros for its expansion. 400,000 euros were spent on the construction of a 750 m² building, located within the Hutte Saint-Pierre industrial zone in La Vraie-Croix. 160,000 euros were earmarked for the purchase of four new trucks. “Our activity is growing. Our number of services has more than doubled between 2018 and 2022, going from 120 to 250”, notes the director of Cin’étoiles.

A national influence

Its clients are 60% associations and 40% communities such as municipalities. Its seasonality is strong. “80% of turnover is achieved in July-August.” Offering its traditional open-air screenings with spectators seated in their deckchairs, the company also offers drive-ins, these American-inspired outdoor screenings, where the public can follow the screening from their car. “Outside the summer season, we also provide aqua cine-concert sessions in swimming pools as recently in Vannes, in parks as in Vincennes, in halls, villages, neighborhoods.” The company operates on its Breton bases but also in Pays de la Loire, Poitou-Charentes, Aquitaine and even in Belgium. “In the future, we could have branches elsewhere in France”, reveals Morgane Pondard.

For the time being, the company has taken possession of its new space, but only over 400 m2 of the existing 750 m². Within its storage part, it was able to store its equipment, ensure the parking of the nine vehicles that make up its fleet. The remaining surface is dedicated to rental. “We didn’t need all this space yet. So I made the choice to offer 3 offices and a meeting room to entrepreneurs who would need it, more or less regularly. I belong to an association of business leaders at Elven and there is a demand for these kinds of services.”

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